What's New

WebPosition 4 is a breakthrough in Search Engine Optimization. Offering the complete SEO process, from keyword research to link popularity and search engine site saturation reporting to web page optimization advice. WebPosition 4 gives you access to all of the tools in a single solution. Simply put, the best just got better.

WebPosition 4 is available to owners of WebPosition 1, 2 and 3 at a significant discount.

Improved Organic and Paid Keyword Visibility: We have improved WebPosition's reporting environment. Improvements include: keyword trend graphing, Keyword Visibility Index (KVI) trending, and an improved search engine visibility.

Link Popularity Analysis: Monitor the number of links to your home page in order to gain insight into how your link popularity may be impacting your visibility.

Search Engine Site Saturation Reporting: Gain insight into how much of your content (and your competitor's) is being published (not just indexed) by the leading search engines.

Trend Graphs: WebPosition 4's new graphing capabilities allows you to easily track organic and paid keyword position, link popularity and search engine site saturation trends.

60+ New Organic Search Engines: We now offer support for over 200 major and regional organic search engines.

Top 200+ Global Paid Search Engines:

WebPosition / WebTrends Integration: WebPosition SmartReports now provides enhanced integration between WebPosition Professional and WebTrends Professional or Enterprise Editions. (WebTrends is sold separately.)