WebPosition Professional includes WebPosition SmartReports™ for Excel®.

Developed by WebTrends, WebPosition SmartReports gives you complete control of your data by making your information available in Microsoft Excel. More than a traditional Excel CSV export, you have the ability to create a SmartReports Database, a relational .mdb database file, completely formatted and designed to be viewed within the Excel environment. An easy-to-use wizard automates the transmission of WebPosition reports. Trending and graphing is made simple through built-in Excel wizards. (requires Microsoft Access & Excel)

WebPosition Professional also offers:

  • The ability to export data from your reports to a .CSV format so you can leverage your WebPosition data in Excel or any database that supports CSV
  • Print friendly formatted reports means you no longer need to modify the .HTM templates or create your own
  • Schedule your report runs and automate the emailing of reports saves you time
  • Simplified integration with WebTrends Professional or Enterprise so you can analyze your conversions and revenue for your organic and paid keywords

In short, WebPosition Professional advanced reporting options gives you the competitive edge you and your clients need to maximize your SEO efforts.